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Saturday, November 27, 2010

RUN FOR YOUR LIFE - Carter Conlon

By the grace of God, may we be those who run into the conflict. In all honesty, there is so much conflict against the gospel and against biblical Christianity and against the biblical Jesus. Yet we, as His people so rarely run head on with the opposition as Jesus did. I ask, are we going with them? If any man loves the world or the things of the world, the love of the Father is not in him. Compare that with Jesus, who at all times beheld the Father, who always did the Father's will. Who when He was reviled, reviled not in return but committed Himself to Him who judges rightly and now compare that with yourself. Are we running from temptation and youthful lusts? Are we running into the battle as Jonathon and his armor bearer did or are we back in the camp with Saul, starving ourselves from the sweet honey and the victory that God has for us when we strive for the victors crown, play by the rules and overcome this world by faith? We, the redeemed have that which overcomes, it is our faith. We, the blood bought saints have the same power dwelling in us that rose Christ from the dead, God's Holy Spirit. We, the transformed have His word as a light to our paths and a lamp unto our feet. We, the Elect have the calling, the direct command from our Savior to Go. There is not a call to retreat. We are told to stand, we are told to go but God takes no pleasure in those who draw back, for those who draw back do not have faith and it is by our faith that we overcome. God is ready to make you an over comer. An over comer, who lives not in the fear of man but in the fear of the Lord. To openly confess Him when given the opportunity, for he who denies Jesus, the same will deny him before His Father. To live a life that is expended to the Glory of God, as our dear Savior did.

We have been so marginalized. The vibrant colors of truth and right and wrong have been so blurred to make everything grey. I personally believe that is one of the lessons we are to learn from Revelation 6. The rider of the white horse is wearing a perishable crown and he comes with a bow and no arrow. He is not coming to make war as we have known it for the last six thousand years of history. This character is not Christ; Jesus will come with a royal diadem, a crown that will not perish in Chapter 19. No this fellow is the peace treaty bringer and he is like the Fabian Socialist. He comes to make war by evolution and not revolution. The bible tells us, “he went out conquering and to conquer.” The Greek word for conquer is “nikao”, like Nike. The word means to subdue. I have an older brother; I know what it feels like to be subdued. Unable to do what you want to do, held back, restrained, but remember he has no arrow. Look it up in your Websters, to subdue can be to remove the spiritual vivacity from someone. I believe this rider and the spirit that is behind him, namely the spirit of Antichrist that John introduces us to is subduing faithful men of God and keeping them from being the valiant men that they desire to be.

It is no wonder that the end times church is described as “Luke warm” and they are vomited out of Jesus’ mouth. They are lukewarm. They are grey. They are subdued by a force that brings them out of the fruit filled realm where Jesus dwells. These one time disciples are drawn away from simply abiding in Him. And this mysterious force that draws them away is none other than love, but it is no longer a love for Christ that exceeds all of their fleshly desires, it is that they have become lovers of pleasure, rather than lovers of God. They will allow themselves to be marginalized and compromised because they will forsake the first and greatest commandment. Then they will not go and they will not fight. After all, why should they risk their flesh which they love more than they love Jesus?

It ought not to be so brethren. Wake up! Contend for the faith! Be zealous and repent. Let your laughter be turned to sorrow and weep for the somber, selfish state that has over come you. Wash your hands you sinners and purify your hearts you double minded, draw near to God and He will draw near to you. He is our life, He can revive us, He is all that we need.

Now, be broken to pieces and gird up your loins, be broken to pieces and gird up your loins. Do something radical to change your state. Be on fire for Jesus. Not a mad man but a man who is mad at mediocrity. Cry out to Him, "here I am LORD, send me". Abide in Jesus and labor to have His words abide in you. Walk with Him by faith. Put to death the deeds of the flesh and make no provision for the flesh to fulfill it’s lust. Take every thought captive and turn those thoughts to the pure thoughts of Jesus and what He has accomplished for you on Calvary.

Go…..find a place to meet with Jesus, open His word, cry out to Him and I guarantee, He will do the rest.

Be expended to His glory


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