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Thursday, November 25, 2010

Evangelism update Oct. 22, 2010

Evangelism at the Pateros football game
We always hope to have listeners to the gospel who are intent, who are focused on the words and are listening as if their heart had ears.  Well that was not the case tonight, but the gospel did go out.  
The hardness of heart that I have been encountering has led me to pen another personal commentary entitled   

Please pray for Pedro, a very nice 25 year old that was up from Wenatchee to watch the Homecoming game at his alma mater.  If anyone deserves to be called a saint it was this guy but his hope for heaven wasn’t fully in Jesus but in his own goodness.
I also attempted to share with a group of twenty something young men who were my best buds until I mentioned Jesus.  This sort of thing breaks my heart.   When young folks blame the deaths of their friends and all of the worlds troubles on Jesus, I wish they knew what He has done for them.  I tried to gently avoid religion and bring it to Jesus but in their intoxicated state they knew better than I did.
Another conversation that ended with “ I know where this is going and I don’t want to talk about it” was with a very fine gentleman named Joe, he was raised in a legalistic Jehovah’s witness home and he used the word hate a couple of times about that experience.  I told him Jesus wasn’t into religion either and to not let the content of this conversation go to waste, that God isn’t about being rule keepers but instead He has waiting for you a wonderful gift of grace.  He dismissed me politely.
One other conversation I had was cut short because of a cell phone and other things the fella had to do.  This guy was as clean cut and spiky haired as I am so I thought we would have a match but he never let his guard down.  Interesting though, in a nut shell, he claimed all of the Christian things we are all supposed to say but he claimed to be a very good person and wasn’t claiming his righteousness came from Jesus and the cross and faith in Him.  I hope, some day I get to meet the pastors who are teaching being a good person and works based salvation and not teaching Christ crucified but doing so under the full on umbrella of Christianity.

Most of them got a gospel track, so when they are ready possibly they will read.

Blessings and good night

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