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Thursday, November 25, 2010

Evangelism Update Nov. 5 2010

Evangelism Update Nov. 5 2010   The commentary that goes with this update is 
"Seek and sow, reap and break, till He comes"  it can be found here somwehere

I was tired and didn’t really want to leave the house tonight to evangelize, but since I had “advertised” that I was a gonna, I just had to go.  God of course changed my attitude as I went, kinda like the leapers who Jesus healed as they went.

Again, I was in Brewster as I was last Friday.  It is interesting how folks act the next time they see you after you have shared Jesus with them, almost like conviction is in their hearts.

I ran into lots of teens who remembered me, some waved and others said hi.   They are not at all bothered by the Jesus guy; they often want to talk more.  One young man who I apparently shared with last week began to point out other young men who needed a talking to because they were, as he said, “going down the wrong path”.  I asked him if he had gotten right with God yet, he replied that he hadn’t but he knew he needed to.

A very polite young man named Chase opened up after a little prying.  He was sure he was going to heaven but wasn’t sharing with me where his confidence was.  Of course he was attesting to being a good person so we talked about that for a while until he understood that he wasn’t good compared to Jesus and if Jesus is God’s standard of righteousness, he clearly was in trouble with God.  As we talked he shared that what he had learned had come from the LDS.  I really try not to attack any person’s group or religion; that just builds walls.  We must continue to reveal by the word of God Just how perfect Jesus is and how far we have all fallen short of His perfect example and that there is no amount of “good works” that could ever fix our predicament.  The trouble we have created for ourselves through our autonomy, sin and self will is infinitely depraved compared to Jesus, God’s perfect standard and example.   Often when someone claims to have done good works, I will teach them about Jesus and the way He lived His life; raising the dead, healing the sick, cleansing the leaper and feeding the multitudes by miraculous faith and then remind them that only Jesus has the testimony of God declaring Him to be His only Son.  Once they see that their good works are a vapor compared to Jesus, I often tell them that they will be judged by Jesus’ words (Jn 12:48), like the sermon on the mount and to love your enemies and to pray for those who persecute you, etc..  This usually prepares them to admit that they are in trouble with God and then we can plant some seeds, or possibly water the seed someone else has planted.  As for Chase, we can only pray that it all sink in past the “Other gospel” that has been taught him.
I also had a good long conversation with a great guy named Zach.  He may be saved already but needed some encouragement to leave the world behind.
Thank you all again for your prayers, God seems to be opening doors and I haven’t gotten beat up yet.                                                                             

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