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Thursday, November 25, 2010

Evangelism update Nov. 3 2010

Evangelism update Nov. 3 2010

Thanks again for your prayers.
    The corn feed went well, the corn was great and the conversations were good but I possibly attempted to get too much done around the yard. I really wanted to have it ready and accommodating for our guests.  Or I could just say that I chickened out about sharing my testimony.  I’m not feeling condemned about it, just sharing the truth.  There was just too much going on in serving and visiting for me to prep myself.  I often overstep my abilities and God shows me just how much I need Him.  Remember when Korah in his rebellion said to Moses and Aaron “you take too much upon yourselves” Num. 16, this is probably true of me, I just want to get the gospel out to folks who don’t know Jesus and sometimes there are just too many things involved in it. I will chock it up as a learning experience.  On the bright side the yard is clean and organized and I got to work on some relationships with folks I don’t know too well yet.

Halloween night
    This went well but not without issues.  The family got around the table and filled ziplocks with festive colored paper, gospel tracks and candy to hand out to kids in Chelan.
                  Preparing gospel treat bags

Then on the way to hand out the bags on the street corner in Chelan, poor little Lillie our 5 month old began to throw up, repetativly.  The sweet little gal looked at us like “this is new, is this ok?” We stopped and got everything better and were under way again towards our goal.   Billie waited with Lillie in the car while the big girls and I went out to do the work.

My girls did a great job and all of the tracks were gone in just a short time.  This means that little kids on a sugar high are going to be demanding that mommy or daddy be reading this nice bright colored comic to them which is actually a gospel presentation.  I hope they will hear the truth, both child and adult alike.

Future Evangelism
At this point it looks like I will be at Brewster again for their last home game of the season.  I am kinda excited about this because of the good response to the gospel i had last Friday in Brewster and that there may be some young Christians who would like to join me and and as Paul wrote in Philemon 6, “I pray that you may be active in sharing your faith, so that you will have a full understanding of every good thing we have in Christ”.  The thought of young believers having a full understanding of every good thing that they have in Christ is just as exciting as sharing the Gospel.

Thanks again for your prayers.


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